Bentley Arnage Blue Train Series

75 years back, Le Man’s winner, adventurer Woolf Barnato raced and beat the very popular Blue Train on its journey across France. The coach building division Mulliner of the Bentley Motors has enjoyed the victory over a luxurious, distinctive and a powerful grand tourer, which is based on the Arnage Blue Train Series.

Coming to the specification of the Blue Train Series, Arnage has an engine, which is Bentley’s noteworthy version with 450bhp and a 6.75 liter twin turbo-charged V8. It is confederate with the suspension and chassis arrangement of the supple and refined Arnage R. The acceleration time of The Blue Train series Arnage is 5.5 seconds for the acceleration of 0 to 60 mph. It has a top speed of 168 mph. It has the performance to satisfy the demands of many drivers. It has the torque of 875 N-m with 3250 rpm.

The Blue Train Series Arnage is differentiated by the alloy wheels of the car with seven spokes and 19 inches, chrome radiator shell, sunroof, Quadruple exhaust tailpipes and chrome mirror caps. Both the rear and front bumpers of the Blue Train Series are designed especially for the particular model and are made up of stainless steel matrix mesh to the cooling ducts of the front bumper.

The interiors of the Arnage are equally typical. All the dial faces and instruments are black in color and the console at the centre has a badge of a subtle Bentley Blue Train. The other special components of the interior of the car include the additional wood veneer panels on the doors, the contrast piping on the seats and the wood and hide steering wheel.

Only a limited number of The Blue Train series will come out and the majority of them are made for USA. The brand director of Arnage and Mulliner, Derek Davies said that he is happy with the Blue Train series. The first model in the series of the Blue Train joined the original Blue Train speed six, which is owned by Jolene McCaw and Bruce. It is lined up along with the other historical cars of Bentley in the tour of the 75th anniversary from Cannes to London, which also covers the original route of Barnato. The participants of the tour enjoyed a very leisured approach to the journey of the tour.

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